English Grammar Materials – Pdf Format

English Grammar Materials – Pdf Format

Follow the list for all english materials – pdf format. Please click the links;


Active and Passive Voice

English Grammar Materials

Collocations in English

Conditionals – Detailed Expressions

Conjunctions in English

Direct and Indirect Speech

Useful English Phrases

General Grammar Notes in English

Linking Words and Examples

Parts of SpeechPrefixes in English

Basic English Syntax with Exercises

An Introductory Course in Theoretical English Grammar

English Grammar – A Short Guide

English Grammar & Composition

English Grammar Notes

English Grammar – Understanding the Basic

Grammar Alive a Guide for Teachers

Understanding and Using Grammar

English Grammar Worksheets

Grammar Handbook

Longman English Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students

English Grammar – A University Course

Grammar For Academic Writing

Essential Grammar in Use


Gerunds & Infinitves –>

Conditional Tenses –>

Time Clauses –>

Relative clauses

Direct & indirect object

Indirect questions

Reported speech

Reported Speech Explanation

Present Simple Reported Statement Exercise

Present Continuous Reported Statement Exercise


  1. By Unurmaa

  2. By Aya Hussein Mohamed ali

  3. By shaid

  4. By Abdul Nasir Jawher