Verb Sentences Examples, 90 Verb Example Sentences

Verb Sentences Examples, 90 Verb Example Sentences

1.A lot of crime could be prevented.

2.Adding comments makes reading the code easier.

3.Alcohol can cause cancer.

4.Alex acted as my guide.

5.Alex checked the time.

6.Alex folded the paper.

7.Alex is preparing supper.

8.Are you sure you closed the windows?

9.Can I check in now?

10.Can I come with you?

11.Can I use your computer, please?

12.Can you hand me the pen?

13.Can’t you guess what I’m doing?

14.Change is inevitable.

15.Could I  speak to Mary?

16.Could I borrow your notebook?

17.Could I go to the park?

18.Could I have some tea, please?

19.Could you hand me the pencil?

20.Could you please close the door?

21.Did he ask you to spy on me?

22.Do you prefer to go by train or bus?

23.Don’t touch my bike.

24.Has he failed again?

25.He added that he didn’t believe it.

26.He could have taken the flight.

27.He could play football well when he was a kid.

28.He flung a stream of abuse at me.

29.He looks down on her because he has a good job.

30.He shouldn’t have told the.

31.He spied on her while she was bathing.

32.He thrust me aside.

33.How about going to the circus tonight? It would so funny.

34.I added a room to my house.

35.I can look in on the child before I go to the bed.

36.I can speak five languages.

37.I could barely walk when I was a baby.

38.I could help you with Spanish.

39.I could play a guitar when I was a child.

40.I could smell something burning.

41.I could visit many places if I had more money.

42.I don’t want to discuss it.

43.I failed the written test.

44.I folded my shirts and put them in my suitcase.

45.I guess that works.

46.I guess you heard about Samuel.

47.I had to act at once.

48.I just touched a snake.

49.I knew I would win college this year.

50.I need time to prepare.

51.I need to let out this skirt.

52.I prefer rice to bread.

53.I prefer riding to walking.

54.I saw you spying on Tom.

55.I thrust my hand into my pocket.

56.I wasn’t prepared for this.

57.I will spend all day looking around the city.

58.I would help you with Spanish.

59.I would play the tennis when I was a child.

60.I wouldn’t touch that.

61.I’ll go get changed.

62.I’ll stay close.

63.If I had a car, I would drive around the world.

64.If I had a car, I would drive around the world.

65.If I were you, I would say sorry.

66.If the doctor is inside, might I enter?

67.If they like, I can carry some bags for you.

68.If you ate less, you would be weaker.

69.Let’s check it later.

70.Let’s discuss it over dinner.

71.My baby brother should be asleep by now.

72.My brother got married 2 years ago.

73.My friend is getting married next week. He is very happy.

74.Please don’t touch this.

75.She failed to appear.

76.She promised she would tutor me.

77.She said that she would be help them move next month.

78.The police car skidded to a stop.

79.They could go to the movies if you are interested.

80.They were labeled radicals.

81.They would go to the movies if you are interested.

82.They would go to the movies if you are interested.

83.We are going to breakfast. Would you come? Yes, I would.

84.We can change things.

85.We may have passed the math exam, but it was in Spanish.

86.We must have been crazy!

87.We should go after her and tell her the truth.

88.We’ll discuss it later.

89.Will you lend me your camera?

90.Would be used when making a wish.