Monthly Archive:: October 2016

Numbers in English

Numbers in English Numbers; Zero, one, two …., forty, fifty, sixty …., one hundred, two hundred, …., one thousand and etc…. Follow the list;

Modal Verbs – Advice and Probability

Modal Verbs – Advice and Probability Advice; should, ought to and had better. Probability; Positive; must, might, may, could. Negative; can’t, must not, might not, may not. Follow the detailed expression;

Writing to a Friend – Informal

Writing to a Friend – Informal Opening, expressing thanks, giving news, responding to news, offering, accepting and declining an invitation;

Writing Phrases

Writing Phrases Expressing opinion, listing points, referring and giving examples, adding more points, adding emphasis and etc…

Prepositions With Time

Prepositions With Time By, between, past, during, until, for, since. Follow the list for expressions and examples;

Connectors and Phrases

Connectors and Phrases Personal opinion, listing advantage&disadvantages, listing points, adding more points and etc…

Collocations – Adjective + Money

Collocations – Adjective + Money Collocations; words that often appear together; Easy money, hard-earned money, hush money. Follow the list for examples;