Prepositional Phrases – At

Prepositional Phrases – At

In english, We use preposiiton-at very often. You can examine prepositional phrases below;

at the age of – I learnt to drive at the age of 21.

at the beginning of – I joined a gym at the beginning of the year.

at the bottom of –  There’s a shop at the bottom of this hill.

at all costs –  I need to pass this exam at all costs.

at one’s desk – I spend most of my working day at my desk.

at the door – There’s somebody at the door.

at the end – I’m going to Madrid at the end of the month.

at fault – Who was at fault for the accident?

at first –  At first, I was happy here but now I’m not.

at first sight – We met at university and it was love at first sight.

at a glance – At a glance, your resume looks fantastic.

at a guess –  At a guess, 50 people were at the party.

at hand –  I always have a pen at hand in case I need to take notes.

at … km per hour –  He was fined £150 for driving at 200km per hour.

at last –  At last, our bus has arrived.

at the latest – Thank goodness! Cinderella had to be home by12 at the latest.

at least –  Its cold but at least it’s not raining.

at length – My dad could talk at length about Irish history.

at midday/midnight –  I went home at midnight as I was tired.

at the moment –  I’m living in Ireland at the moment.

at night – I can’t study during the day. I prefer to study at night.

at once – Everybody started talking at once.

at present – At present, I’m working for a multinational.

at random –  Numbers are selected at random in a lottery.

at any rate –  At any rate, I’m confident I’ll find a job soon.

at the same time – I had fun and improved my English at the same time.

at school – Things were very different when I was at school.

at short notice – She cancelled the meeting at short notice.

at the table – The whole family sat at the table for dinner.

at times – At times, I feel like moving to another country.

at the top of – Barcelona are at the top of the Spanish league.

at university –  I studied economics at university.

at the weekend –  I love going out with friends at the weekend.

at work –  I’m at work right now so I’ll call you back later.

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