Phrasal Verbs – Look

Phrasal Verbs – Look

Verbs ‘look’ use very frequently with phrasal verbs. Please following list, expressions and examples;

Look up to (someone); to respect or admire someone.

Look after (someone or something); to take care of, to make sure that someone is safe and well.

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Look forward to (something); anticipate with pleasure.

Look down on (someone); see something or someone as inferior.

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Look up; to search for information(usually in a book)

Look through; to examine something, usually quicly.

Look back (on); remember, usually with nostalgia.

Look away; to turn your eyes away from someone or something that you were looking at.

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Look ahead; to think about and plan for what might happen in the future.

others; look through, look into (something), look for (something or someone).

phrasal verbs - look


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