Meanings and Uses of ‘Agenda’, ‘Diary’, ‘Schedule’, ‘Timetable’


Meanings and Uses of ‘Agenda’, ‘Diary’, ‘Schedule’, ‘Timetable’

Uses and differences;

Agenda is a list of items to be discussed at a meeting;

-‘The next item on the agenda is the publicity budget.


A book with, a space for each day where you write down things that you have to do in the future is called a diary or a datebook (North American English) (not an agenda).

– I’ll make’a note of our next meeting in my diary.

You may also havea calendar on your desk or hanging up in your room, where you write down your appointments.

– a calendar for 2010

train timetable

A diary or a journal is also the record that some people keep of what has happened during the day.
– Do you keep a diary (=write one regularly)?
– The Diary of Anne Frank.


In British English your schedule is a plan that lists all the work that you have to do and when you must do each thing.

– I have a hectic schedule for the next few days.

A timetable is a list showing the fixed times at which events will happen: a bus/train timetable. In North American English these are both called
a schedule.