Uses of ‘So’ and ‘Too’

Uses of ‘So’ and ‘Too’ Differences between so and too. Please follow the list; I am happy; So am I. I am happy too.

Uses of ‘Also’, ‘As well’ and ‘Too’ (With Differences)

Uses of ‘Also’, ‘As well’ and ‘Too’ (With Differences) Also is more formal than as well and too, and it usually comes before the main verb or after be: – I went to New York last year, and I also spent some time in Washington. In British English it is not usually used at the end

Uses of Also, Too and So

Uses of Also, Too and So The word also goes before the main verb and after the verb to be. The word too goes at the end of the sentence. So can be used, followed by an auxiliary verb and the subject, to mean also. Follow the picture please;

Uses of Too and Enough

Uses of Too  and Enough Too and Enough indicate degree. They are used with adjectives. Too means more than what is need. Enough means sufficient.