Uses of ‘Also’, ‘As well’ and ‘Too’ (With Differences)


Uses of ‘Also’, ‘As well’ and ‘Too’ (With Differences)

Also is more formal than as well and too, and it usually comes before the main verb or after be:

– I went to New York last year, and I also spent some time in Washington.

In British English it is not usually used at the end of a sentence.

Too is much more common in spoken and informal English. It is usually used at the end of a sentence:

– ’l’m going home now.’ ‘I’Il come too.’

In British English as well is used like too, but in North American English it sounds formal or old-fashioned.

When you want to add a second negative point in a negative sentence, use not…either:

– She hasn’t phoned and she hasn’t written either.

If you are adding a negative point to a positive one, you can use not…as well/too:

– You can have a burger, but you can’t have fries as well.





  1. By Keshav