Some Common Verbs Collocations

Some Common Verbs Collocations Have, do, make, take, break, catch with collocations. Follow the list for collocations in english;

Collocations with ‘Get’ and ‘Take’

Collocations with ‘Get’ and ‘Take’ Get lost, Get fired, Get a job, Get a life, Get home, Get ready, Get started, Get married, Get divorced, Get permission, Get the picture, Get a promotion. Take part in something, Take time, Take a look, Take a bath, Take a shower, Take a break, Take a chance, Take a picture, Take  a taxi, Take a seat, Take notes, Take

How to Use ‘Take’ and Get’

How to Use ‘Take’ and Get’ Differences between take and get, uses of take and get; TAKE  take an exam take an English course take some Japanese lessons take the bus/traln/plane/taxi 

Some Common Verbs (have, do, make, take, break, catch) and Uses

Some Common Verbs (have, do, make, take, break, catch) and Uses Have; have a bath, have a drink, have a good time, have a haircut, have a holiday etc… Do; do business, do nothing, do the cooking, do your best, do your hair etc… Make; make a difference, make a mess, make a mistake etc…

Collocations – Take and Have

Collocation; a collocation is a sequence of words or terms that co-occur more often than would be expected by chance. Collocations – Take and Have;


PHRASAL VERBS – TAKE; be taken a back, take after somebody, take away, take away from something, take something apart, take something back, take down and etc…

Collocations – Make and Take (With Examples)

Collocations; make money, make progress, make lunch, make time, take a photo, take a chance etc.

Uses of Take Verb

take a break, take a look, take a class, take a chance, take a test, take a taxi, take a seat, take a nap and take a rest;