Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs – Make

Phrasal Verbs – Make; Make is very commonly used with phrasal verbs. This post related to below phrasal verbs;┬ámake up, make up for, make off, make of, make out, make out, make out to be, make into.


PHRASAL VERBS – TAKE; be taken a back, take after somebody, take away, take away from something, take something apart, take something back, take down and etc…

Clothes Phrasal Verbs – Visual Method

Clothes Phrasal Verbs – Visual Method; put on, take off, try on, dress up, do up, zip up, wrap up, throw up, slip on, hang up;

Phrasal Verbs Study – Up

Phrasal Verbs Study – Up; uses of dress up, bring up, build up, burn up, catch up, check up, do up, call up, chop up, eat up;

Expressions With Bring – Vocabulary Study

Expressions With Bring; bring up, bring it off, bring on, bring about, bring back, bring down, bring out, bring round;

Phrasal Verbs – Put in

Phrasal Verbs – Put in – different meanings; put in; give someone or something trust or responsibility, put in; to invest money in a business or an account, put in; to install something such as equipment in the place where it will be used, put in; to make an official request, claim, offer etc. put