Using Verb LOOK

Using Verb LOOK Look into, look for, look up, look after, look over, look up to, look out, look away, look forward to and etc… Follow the list for expressions;

Phrasal Verbs – Look

Phrasal Verbs – Look Verbs ‘look’ use very frequently with phrasal verbs. Please following list, expressions and examples; Look up to (someone); to respect or admire someone.

Verbs Related to The Eyes

Verbs Related to The Eyes – see –> I can see the sun. – watch –> The teacher likes to watch the children play. – wink –> When someone wink they close one eye.

Uses of Look, See, Watch

Uses of Look, See, Watch (Differences) See is something that you do naturally without really thinking, Look make an effort to see something, Watch usually something that you look at for a period of time. Follow the list;