Expressions with Future Meaning

Expressions with Future Meaning be to + bare infinitive, be about + full infinitive, be due + full infinitive and etc… Follow the list for other examples;

Conjunctions and Examples

Conjunctions and Examples And, but, because, so, or, if, although. Follow the list for expressions and example sentences about these conjunctions;

150 Most Common English Phrasal Verb List – 2

150 Most Common English Phrasal Verb List – 2 Most important Phrasal verb list, synonyms, examples, and expressions. Please follow the list for part 2;

Expressing Tiredness in English

Expressing Tiredness in English I’m sleepy, I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I’m wrecked and other expressions. Follow the list;

Using On and At Prepositions

Using On and At Prepositions On; in general, you use on for surfaces. At; tends to be used for points within larger places.

Phrasal Verbs – Look

Phrasal Verbs – Look Verbs ‘look’ use very frequently with phrasal verbs. Please following list, expressions and examples; Look up to (someone); to respect or admire someone.

Expressions to Say “Hello”

Expressions to Say “Hello” Hi Hello How’s it going? How do you do? How’s tricks? Watcha! How are things? Haven’t seen you for ages Great to see you again Nice to meet you

Expressions for Reminding People

Expressions for Reminding People May I remind you / all passengers that … Sorry to be a bore but do remember to … I hope you haven’t forgotten to … You haven’t forgotten about … , have you? I’d like to remind you about … Can / Could I reming you to …? You won’t

Expressions to Ask About Health / Life

Expressions to Ask About Health / Life How are you? How are things? How’s things? How’s it going? How are you getting on? How have you been? What have you been (getting) up to? I hope everything’s okay? Alright? How have you been keeping?