English Chat Abbreviations

English Chat Abbreviations 2DAY, 2MORO, 2NITE, ASAP,BBL, BTW, GR8 and etc… Follow the list for other abbreviaitons and expressions;

Common Chat Abbreviations

Common Chat Abbreviations Asap, BF, PBB, IMHO, RUP, BTW, BF, MYOB, Urs, LOL, CUL and etc… Follow the list for detailed expressions(galleries);

Most Important Abbreviation List

Most Important Abbreviation List Lol, omg, ily, lmao, wtf, ppl, idk, tbh and etc. These post include most important abbreviations using in english;

Interjections in English

Interjections in English Aah, Ahh, Aww, Bingo, eh, eww, hmph, oh, oops, ouch, shh,uh oh, whew, wow, yay/yaay,yeah, yikes and etc. Follow the list for explanations;

Internet Slang and Abbreviations

Internet Slang and Abbreviations Do you know internet slang and abbreviations? These list is very useful for using internet; AFAIK, AFK, ASL, ATM, b/c, b/w, b4, BBIAB and etc…

Most Common Workplace Abbreviations

Most Common Workplace Abbreviations This post consist of workplace abbreviations that most common used. Follow the list;

Uses of Gonna, Gotta, Wanna, Lemme, Gimme, Outta, Kinda I’mma, Hafta, Dunno

Uses of Gonna, Gotta, Wanna, Lemme, Gimme, Outta, Kinda I’mma, Hafta, Dunno Gonno; going + to. Gotto; got +to. Wanna; want + to. Lemme; let + me. Gimme; give + me. Outta; out + of. and etc.. follow the list;

10 Abbreviations You Should Know (Video)

RSVP? ASAP? Etc.? What do these letters mean? In this vocabulary lesson, I will explain and give examples of ten common abbreviations, such as RIP, BYOB, and PIN. I will also teach the difference between i.e., e.g., and etc.. Watch this video ASAP to find out more!;