Functional Language – English Speaking

Functional Language – Expressing Frustration

I can’t stand noun/gerund–> I can’t stand this weather.

I can’t bear noun/gerund –>  I can’t bear working on Sundays. 

I can’t put up with noun/gerund –> I can’t put up with her any longer.

noun/gerund annoys me –>  Waiting for people annoys me.

noun/gerund bugs me –>  His boring voice bugs me.

noun/gerund drives me crazy –> That noise is driving me crazy.

noun/gerund gets on my nerves –> Stop it. You’re getting on my nerves.

noun/gerund pisses me off (inf.) –>  You know that it pisses me off.

I can’t stand it when … –> I can’t stand it when people are late.

I can’t bear it when … I can’t bear it when my feet are cold.

It annoys me when … It annoys me when people lie.

It bugs me when … It bugs me when he never replies to me.

functional language - english speaking


  1. By Ibrahim