When we use Present Perfect Simple Tense and Simple Past Tense

When we use Present Perfect Simple Tense and Simple Past Tense

Detailed expressions;

Present Perfect Simple

Used with keywords; just, already, still, yet, ever, never, recently

– Number of times you have done something

How many times have you seen that film? I’ve seen it twice.
Have you been to Paris before? I’ve only been there once.

– Things you have done in a continuing time period

I’ve done many things in my life. (your life is continuing)
I haven’t spoken to her this week. (this week is continuing)

– Recently completed actions (often with ‘just’)

The film’s just started so you haven’t missed anything.
I’m not hungry because I‘ve just had my dinner.

– Situations that started in the past and continue

Ireland has been in the EU since 1973 while Spain has been in it for 20 years.
I’ve lived in Italy for most of my life. I’ve been here for 27 years.

– Past actions with an important present result

I can’t play tennis because I’ve hurt my knee.
I’ve left my keys at work and now I can‘t get into my house.

Past Simple

– Fnished past state/action (with a specific time)

I saw that film last week when I went to the cinema with my friends.
Ireland joined the EU in 1973. Spain and Portugal joined in 1986.

I didn’t speak to her this morning. (finished time period – now it’s 18:00)

uses of present perfect simple and simple past


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