Uses of ‘There is’ and ‘There are’


Uses of ‘There is’ and ‘There are’

Uses of and differences between;

“There is“ – is used with the following subjects;

  •  singular nouns
  • uncountable nouns
  • 3rd person singular (he, she. my mother, my sister, etc.)
    – There is my on the comer.
    – There is a lot of in the street. There must have been a flood.
    – There is a big cat in frontgogmy house.

“There are” – is used with the followm subjects:

3rd person plural (they. my slsters. therdogs, the students. etc.)

  • There are many people sitting on thetbench.
  • There are many dogs in the street-
  • There are sites on the lntemet that are really good.