Types of Inversion – English Grammar Study

Types of Inversion Р English Grammar Study


1. neg intro

Never do I sleep.

Only at night can I study.

2. intro adverbial

Into the room ran the lady.

First comes love, then comes marriage.

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3. intro -ed

Found in San Francisco is Lombard Street, the so-called crookedest street in the world.

Lost among the old tables and chairs was the priceless Victorian desk.

Located between San Francisco and Marin County is the Golden Gate Bridge.

4. comparatives

Cheetahs run faster than do antelopes.

You speak Chinese better than do I.

Jessica is more interested in Computer Science than is Benjamin.

5. intro comparative

Bigger than an apatosaur is the blue whale.

More important than your personal statement is your GPA.

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No less impressive than the invention of the laser was the development of the wheel.

6. as

Megumi is from Japan, as is Sato.

So-eun wants to leave early today, as does Oi.

If thrown into the water, camels can swim, as can cats.

7. so… that…

So happy was I that I bought flowers for everybody in class.

So quickly did she leave that we did not even realize was gone.

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So rarely does a comet appear visible to the naked eye that when one does, it is considered a major event.

8. had, should, were for if-clauses

Had I remembered Tomomi’s birthday, she wouldn’t be mad at me now.

9. there is, there are,

There is a good restaurant nearby. There comes a time in every person’s life when she realizes that

types of inversion

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