List of Common and Useful Linking Words


List of Common and Useful Linking Words

What are linking words?

Linking words are words that join clauses into sentences.

* There are three main types of linking words:

  • conjunctions
  • sentence connectors
  • subordinators


Conjunctions are the most common form of linking word. They are used to join two arts of a sentence together are generally in the middle of a sentence. There are seven co-ordinating conjunctions. These are:

  • and
  • or
  • but
  • so
  • for
  • nor
  • yet


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Indipendent clause, conjunction, Indipendent clause

Sentence connectors

Sentence connectors are used to link ideas from one sentence to the next and to give paragraphs coherence. Sentence connectors perform different functions and are placed at the beginning of a sentence. They are used to introduce, order, contrast, sequence ideas, theory, data etc. The following table lists useful connectors.

Logical / Sequential Order

  • Firstly, secondly, thirdly etc
  • Next, last, finally
  • In addition
  • Furthermore
  • Also
  • At present/ presently

Order of Importance

  • Most / more importantly
  • Most Significantly
  • Above all
  • Primarily
  • It is essential / essentially


  • However
  • On the other hand
  • On the contrary
  • By (in)  comparison
  • In contrast


  • As a result
  • As a consequence
  • Therefore
  • Thus
  • Consequently
  • Hence



  • Similarly
  • Likewise
  • Also


  • The cause of
  • The reason for

Comparison and Contrast

  • Although
  • Though
  • Even though
  • While
  • Whereas

Cause and effect

  • Since
  • So that
  • Because


  • After
  • When
  • Until
  • Whenever
  • Before


  • If
  • As if
  • Whether
  • Unless

Place and Manner

  • Wherever
  • Where
  • How


Subordinators are linking words that are used to join clauses together. They are used at the beginning or in the middle of a sentence.



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