750 Collective Nouns Explanation and Collective Noun Examples

750 Collective Nouns Explanation and Collective Noun Examples

ambush of widows
archipelago of islands
argument of architects
argument of wizards
argumentation of historians
armada of ships
army of ants
army of caterpillars
army of eagles
army of frogs
army of herrings
array of hedgehogs
arsenal of guns
ascension of larks
assembly of clergy
aurora of polar bears
bag of game
bale of turtles
band of coyotes
band of gorillas
band of jays
band of men
band of musicians
battery of artillery
battery of barracuda
battery of guns
bazaar of guillemots
bed of clams

bed of flowers
bed of oysters
bed of snakes
bellowing of bullfinches
belt of asteroids
bench of bishops
bench of judges
bench of magistrates
bevy of beauties
bevy of doves
bevy of ladies
bevy of larks
bevy of maidens
bevy of otters
bevy of quail
bevy of roe deer
bevy of swans
bew of partridges
bill of ruffs
bind of eels
bind of salmon
bits of information
blessing of unicorns
bloat of hippopotami
blush of boys
board of directors
bob of seals
boil of hawks
boll of flour
bond of women
book of wagers
bouquet of flowers
brace of bucks
brew of beer
brigade of soldiers
brood of chickens
brood of chicks
brood of hens
cache of jewels
cache of weapons
canteen of cutlery
caravan of camels
cartload of chimpanzees
cartload of monkeys
cast of actors
cast of falcons
cast of hawks
caste of flower-pots
cete of badgers
chain of bobolinks
chain of events
chain of islands
chain of matches
charm of finches
charm of fairies
charm of goldfinches

charm of hummingbirds
chatter of budgerigars
chattering of chicks
chattering of choughs
chest of drawers
chine of polecats
choir of angels
chorus of angels
circus of puffins
clamour of rooks
clan of hyenas
clash of bucks
clashing of economists
class of students
clattering of choughs
clew of worms
clique of people/friends
cloud of gnats
cloud of grasshoppers
cloud of sea fowl
clowder of cats
cluck of chickens
clump of reeds
clump of trees
cluster of bombs
cluster of cats
cluster of computers
cluster of grapes
cluster of grasshoppers
cluster of spiders
cluster of stars
clutch of chicks
clutch of eggs
clutter of cats
clutter of spiders
colony of seals
colony of vultures
commonwealth of bees
communion of saints
community of people
company of actors
company of moles
company of parrots
company of soldiers
company of wigeon
confab of doctors
conflagration of arsonists
confraternity of smokers
confusion of architects
congregation of alligators
congregation of plovers
congregation of worshippers
congress of baboons
congress of Esperantists
conspiracy of ravens
constellation of stars

constellation of Esperantists
converting of preachers
convocation of eagles
convocation of clergy
convoy of lorries
convoy of trucks
copse of trees
cornucopia of slugs
corps of giraffes
cortege of mourners
cost of managers
cote of doves
coterie of prairie dogs
coven of witches
cover of coots
covert of coots
covey of grouse
covey of partridges
covey of ptarmigans
covey of quail
covey of woodcock
cowardice of curs
cran of herrings
crash of seals
creche of penguins
crew of sailors
crowd of onlookers
crowd of people
cry of dogs
cry of hounds
culture of bacteria
death row of turkeys
deceit of lapwings
deck of sailors
down of sheep
doyft of swine
draft of soldiers
draught of butlers
draught of fish
dray of squirrels
drift of bees
drift of hogs
drift of swine
dropping of pigeons
drove of asses
drove of bullocks
drove of cattle
drove of donkeys
drove of goats
drove of hares
drove of oxen
drove of pigs
drove of rabbits
drove of sheep
drum of goldfinches
dule of doves
dule of turkeys
dule of turtles
durante of toucans
earth of foxes
eleven of cricketers
eleven of footballers
embarrassment of riches
equivocation of politicians
erst of bees
escargatoire of snails
exaltation of larks
faculty of academics
faggot of sticks

fall of lambs
fall of woodcock
family of beavers
family of otter
fellowship of yeomen
fesnying of ferrets
fesnyng of ferrets
festival of balloons
fesynes of pheasants
fidget of altar boys
field of racehorses
field of runners
fine of parking wardens
fitting of sails
fixie of hipsters
flange of baboons
flap of nuns
fleet of bass
fleet of boats
fleet of cars
fleet of ducklings
fleet of foxes
fleet of lorries
fleet of ships
fleet of vessels
fleet of trucks
fleet of vehicles
flick of rabbits
flight of aeroplanes
flight of bees
flight of birds
flight of cormorants
flight of doves
flight of dragons
flight of goshawks
flight of pigeons
flight of stairs
flight of steps
flight of swallows
fling of dunlins
fling of oxbirds
fling of sandpipers
flink of cows
float of crocodiles
flock of birds
flock of bustards
flock of camels
flock of chickens
flock of ducks
flock of geese
flock of goats
flock of parrots
fold of sheep
fraunch of millers
fun of fish
galaxy of starlets
gam of whales
gang of elk
gang of hoodlums
gang of labourers
gang of slaves
gang of thieves
garrison of gophers
garland of sonnets
gathering of clans
gatling of woodpeckers
gaze of raccoons
generation of vipers
giggle of girls
glaring of cats
gleam of herrings
glide of flying fish
glint of goldfish
glitter of generals
glory of unicorns
grist of bees
group of guinea pigs
group of islands
group of people
grove of trees
gulp of cormorants
hand of bananas
haras of horses
harem of seals
haul of fish
head of curlews
heap of trash
heard of harlots
hedge of herons
herd of antelope

herd of asses
herd of boar
herd of buffalo
herd of buffaloes
herd of caribou
herd of cattle
herd of chamois
herd of chinchillas
herd of cows
herd of cranes
herd of deer
herd of donkeys
herd of elephants
herd of elk
herd of fairies
herd of hippopotami
herd of horses
hive of bees
holiness of donuts
horde of gerbils
horde of hamsters
horde of mice
horde of rats
horde of savages
host of angels
host of sparrows
house of senators
hover of crows
hover of trout
huddle of lawyers
huddle of penguins
hurtle of sheep
husk of hares
husk of rabbits
hunt of hounds
illusion of painters
implausibility of gnus
index of names
infestation of bed bugs
intrusion of cockroaches
invention of machines
kaleidoscope of butterflies
kendle of kittens
kennel of dogs
kettle of hawks
kingdom of rats
kindle of kittens
kine of cattle
knab of toads
knob of seals
knob of teal
knob of wigeon
knot of frogs
knot of toads
labour of moles
lamentation of swans
lead of foxes
leap of lambs
library of books
machination of monkeys
malapertness of pedlars
marvel of unicorns
mask of raccoons
mass of priests
match of nightingales
melody of harpers
memory of elephants
menagerie of animals
mess of grits
mess of iguanas
mess of officers
mews of capons
miller of whores
mischief of mice
mischief of rats
mob of emus
mob of kangaroos
mob of meerkats
mob of thieves
mouthful of worms
movement of moles
multiply of husbands
murder of crows
murmuration of starlings
muscle of marines
muster of peacocks
muster of soldiers
muster of storks
mustering of storks
mutation of thrush
mute of hounds
nest of beakers
nest of crocodiles
nest of eggs
nest of hornets
nest of machine guns
nest of mice
nest of pheasants
nest of rabbits
nest of snakes
nest of vipers
nest of wasps
neverthriving of jugglers
nosegay of flowers
number of mathematicians
nursery of raccoons
obesiance of servants
observance of hermits
pack of weasels
pack of wolves
panel of experts
pantheon of gods
panes of glass
parade of elephants
parade of penguins
parcel of deer
parcel of hogs
parcel of penguins
parel of troops
park of artillery
park of cars
parliament of owls
parliament of ptarmigans
parliament of rooks
party of jays
party of rainbow fish
passel of brats
passel of hogs
passel of possums
peal of bells
peep of chickens
piddle of puppies
pile of books
pile of dung
pint of mussels
pit of snakes
piteousness of doves
pitying of doves
pitying of turtle doves
plague of locusts
plague of rats
platoon of soldiers
plump of seals
plump of waterfowl
plump of wildfowl
plump of woodcock
pocket of hops
pocket of oranges
pod of dolphins
pod of peas
pod of porpoises
pod of seals
pod of walruses
pod of whales
pod of whiting
ponder of philosophers
pontification of preachers
pontification of priests
pool of typists
posse of police
pounce of cats
poverty of pipers
prattle of parrots
prettying of doves
prickle of hedgehogs
prickle of porcupines
pride of lions
pride of peacocks
prudence of vicars

rag of colts
rainbow of butterflies
rake of colts
rake of mules
rangale of deer
range of mountains
rayful of knaves
rhumba of rattlesnakes
richesse of martens
ring of keys
roll of coins
romp of otters
rookery of penguins
rookery of seals
roost of fowls
roost of pigeons
rope of onions
rope of pearls
rouleau of coins
rouleau of money
round of drinks
rout of knights
rout of wolves
route of wolves
royalty of princesses
rumble of artillery
rumpus of baboons
run of fish
run of hens
run of poultry
run of salmon
run of whales
rump roast of nouns
rush of pochards
salvo of gunfire
sarcasm of stagehands
sault of lions
scatter of ravers
school of butterfly fish
school of fish
school of porpoises
school of salmon
school of shark
school of sharks
school of whales
scold of jays
scorn of camels
scourge of mosquitoes
screech of gulls
scurry of squirrels
sea of bishops
sect of worshippers
sedge of bitterns
sedge of cranes
sedge of herons
sequitur of logicians
serving of spoons
set of bowls
set of utencils

shoal of salmon
shower of bastards
shrewdness of apes
shuffle of bureaucrats

siege of bitterns
siege of cranes
siege of herons
singular of boars
skein of goslings
skein of silk
skirl of bagpipes
skulk of foxes
skulk of friars
slate of candidates
sleuth of bears
slew of homework
slither of snakes
sloth of bears
smack of jellyfish
snarl of leopards
snatch of pickpockets
sneak of weasels
sord of mallards
sord of wildfowl
sounder of boars
sounder of hogs
sounder of swine
soviet of ants
sowse of lions
span of mules
span of oxen
spawn of umbrellas
spinney of trees
spring of teals
sprinkle of hoses
squad of players
squad of soldiers
squadron of aeroplanes
stable of horses
staff of employees
staff of servants
stalk of foresters
stand of arms
stand of flamingo
stand of plovers
stand of trees
staple of zines
stare of owls
state of princes
stench of skunks
stick of paratroopers
stock of businessmen
storytelling of crows
storytelling of ravens
storytelling of rooks
stage of actors
tassel of strippers
team of athletes
team of cattle
team of footballers
team of horses
team of oxen
team of players
team of seals
tenement of rooms
thought of barons
threatening of courtiers
thunder of dragons
tiding of magpies
tittering of magpies
toil of peasants
tok of capercaillies
torment of trainers
totter of giraffes
tower of giraffes

trace of hares
trace of rabbits
trembling of finches
tribe of baboons
tribe of goats
tribe of monkeys
tribe of natives
tribe of sparrows
trimming of finches
trip of dotterel
trip of dotterels
trip of goats
trip of hares
trip of rabbits
trip of sheep
trip of wildfowl
troop of apes
troop of baboons
troop of dancers
troop of dogfish
troop of horsemen
troop of horses
troop of kangaroos
troop of lions
troop of monkeys
troop of mushrooms
troupe of monkeys

wad of bills
wad of money
wake of buzzards
wake of vultures
walk of snails
walk of snipe (at rest)
warren of hares
warren of rabbits
warren of wombats
watch of nightingales
watch of sailors
wealth of information
weyr of dragons
wheel of puffins (flying)
whiteness of swans
wing of dragons
wing of plovers