Other Ways to Say BAD

Other Ways to Say BAD Substandard, poor, inferior, second-rate, second-class, inadequate, unacceptable, faulty, shoddy, crummy, bum, deficient, lousy, defective, careless and etc… Follow the list for synonyms of Bad in english;

100 Ways to Say GOOD

100 Ways to Say GOOD Good can mean different things. When you say, “This pizza is good”, you mean something very different fro when you say “He’s a good person” Below are 100 synonyms for good in three categories. Follow the list;

50 Ways to Say BAD

50 Ways to Say BAD Abhorrent, abominable, awful, brutal, bummer, careless, cheap, cruddy, detective, icky, nasty, poor and others. Follow the list others;

Uses of ‘Almost’, ‘Nearly’ and ‘Practically’ (Synonyms and Differences)

Uses of ‘Almost’, ‘Nearly’ and ‘Practically’ (Synonyms and Differences) These tree words have similar meanings and are used frequently with the following words; 

Homonyms – Synonyms – Antonyms

Homonyms – Synonyms – Antonyms Homonyms; Words that sound alike but have different spellings and meaning. Synonyms; Words that have similar meaning. Antonyms; Words that have opposite meaning.

Synonyms For Negative Feelings

Synonyms For Negative Feelings; afraid, aggressive, angry, annoyed, evil, frustrated, nervous, pathetic, quarrelsome ant etc…;