Uses of ‘So’ and ‘Too’

Uses of ‘So’ and ‘Too’ Differences between so and too. Please follow the┬álist; I am happy; So am I. I am happy too.

Common English Mistakes

Common English Mistakes Common mistakes are mistakes that people make all the time. There are severel common mistakes in english. The most common among them are given below. So do I, neither did I; The structure ‘so + auxiliary + subject’ is used to add a positive remark to a positive statement. Neither do I;

Uses of Also, Too and So

Uses of Also, Too and So The word also goes before the main verb and after the verb to be. The word too goes at the end of the sentence. So can be used, followed by an auxiliary verb and the subject, to mean also. Follow the picture please;

Conjunctions and Examples

Conjunctions and Examples; and, but, because, so, or, if, although & sample sentences – english learn site;