Feeling Words in English

Feeling Words in English Happy, hurt, grateful, sad, energized, peaceful, inspired, tired, afraid, ashamed, hopeful. Follow the list for detailed;

Detailed Synonym Word List

Detailed Synonym Word List Happy, sad, nice, good, bad, pretty, scared, angry, difficult, shocked, interesting, useful, big, small.

Vocabulary Study – Intensity of Feeling

Vocabulary Study – Intensity of Feeling Happy, sad, angry, confused (high, medium and Mild Level)

Emotions, Feelings, Mood Vocabulary

Emotions, Feelings, Mood Vocabulary – English Vocabulary Study;

Emotions – Feelings Word Vocabulary

Emotions – Feelings Word Vocabulary; Emotion; happy, sad, angry, scared, confused, Intensity; strong, mild, weak

Descriptive Words – “Large”, “Fast”, “Said”, “Hard”, “Happy” …

Descriptive Words;  “Large”, “Fast”, “Said”, “Hard”, “Happy”, “Kind”, “Small”, “Walk”, “Funny”, “Easy”, “Run”, “Sad”

Other Ways to Say “Nice”, “Good”, “Bad”, “Sad”, “Happy”, “Laughed”, “Like”, “Said”, “Big”, “Little”, “Ran”, “Walked”, “Pretty”, “Looked”, “Scared”

Other Ways to Say “Nice”, “Good”, “Bad”, “Sad”, “Happy”, “Laughed”, “Like”, “Said”, “Big”, “Little”, “Ran”, “Walked”, “Pretty”, “Looked”, “Scared”;