Prefixes – Detailed Expressions

Prefixes – Detailed Expressions A prefix is a letter or group of letters added to the beginning of a word. A prefix has meaning. For example; the prefixes un- means “not”. and etc… Follow the list for detailed expressions;

English Phrases, Meaning and Examples (Very Important)

English Phrases, Meaning and Examples (Very Important) Phrases; Could do…, Not bad…, I’II bear that in mind, with all due respect… Follow the list for examples;

Noun Endings

Noun Endings; Suffix, Meaning, Example. -age, -al, -an, -ian, -ance, -ence, -ancy, -ency, -ant, -ent, -cide, -cy and etc…

Prefixes – Meaning – Examples

Prefixes – Meaning – Examples; anti, auto, bi, ex, micro, mis, mono, multi, over, post, pro, re, semi, sub, under;

Modal Verbs – Meaning – Expressing – Examples

Modal Verbs – Meaning – Expressing – Examples; must, must not, can, could, may, might, need, need not, should / ought to, had better;