Direct Speech and Reported Speech

Direct Speech and Reported Speech Uses of Direct speech with Tenses; Present simple, present continuous, present perfect, past simple, will, can, may, must, have to. Uses of Reported Speech with Tenses; Past simple, past continuous, past perfect, would, could, might, had to. Follow the list for example sentences;

English Modals, Examples and Uses (Very Important)

English Modals, Examples and Uses (Very Important) Uses of can, be able to, can’t, could, may, might, must, have to, need to, needn’t, musn’t, don’t have to, should, ought to and example sentences.

Prepositions – Visual Method

Prepositions – Visual Method Uses of up, down, across, over, under, along, into, out of, through, past, round/around, from … to with pictures

Collocations – Do

Collocations – Do Do your best, do damege, do an experiment, do exercises, do someone a good turn, do someone a favour, do harm, do your hair, do your homework

Some Idioms, Meanings and Examples

Some Idioms, Meanings and Examples Chow down, beating around the bush, break a leg, crack someone up, cup of joe, cut to the chase, excuse my french, flip the bird, go the extra mile, hit the sack;

Forms of Future Tense

Forms of Future Tense Will – future, going to – future, simple present, present progressive, future progressive, future perfect;

Tense – Active – Passive (examples)

Tense – Active – Passive Present simple/continuous/perfect, Past simple/continuous/perfect, Future simple/be going to, modal and modal perfect;

Prefixes – Meaning – Examples

Prefixes – Meaning – Examples; anti, auto, bi, ex, micro, mis, mono, multi, over, post, pro, re, semi, sub, under;

Modal Verbs – Meaning – Expressing – Examples

Modal Verbs – Meaning – Expressing – Examples; must, must not, can, could, may, might, need, need not, should / ought to, had better;

Expressing an Opinion – Example Sentences

Expressing an Opinion; in my opinion, to be honest, in my experience,  if you ask me, I really think, as far as I’m concerned, some people  say that and etc…