SINGULAR COUNTABLE NOUNS 1.The use of determiners with singular countable nouns In English, singular countable nouns usually cannot be used alone; they must be preceded by a word such as a, the, each or every. e.g. a box the person each child every treeĀ  The words a, the, each and every are examples of a

Nouns that can be Countable and Uncountable

Nouns that can be Countable and Uncountable Sometimes, the same noun can be countable and uncountable, often with a change of meaning. Examples; hair, light, noise, paper, room, time, work. Follow the example sentences;

Countable and Uncountable- Visual Method

English Learn Site – Countable and Uncountable- Visual Method; What is countable and uncountable?;

Quantifiers in English

Countable, Uncountable, Countable and Non-Uncountable Expressions of quantity;