Contractions in English

Contractions in English Contraction detailed expressions, follow the detailed expressions –>;

Alphabetical List of Contractions

Alphabetical List of Contractions Contractions; are not = aren’t, cannot = can’t, do not = don’t, is not = isn’t, she is = she’s, we are = we’re and etc… Follow the list;

Common Informal Contractions

Common Informal Contractions Wanna, gimme, gonna, kinda, whatcha, ya, ain’t, lotta, I’mma, dunno, betcha, dontcha, lemme, oughta, sorta, cmon, s’more, musta, mighta, hafta;

English Contractions – Speak Faster

English Contractions – Speak Faster Do you want to speak english faster? Please take a glance at this list; I am – I’m, can not – can’t , are not – aren’t, he is – he’s and etc…;