Other Ways to Say BAD

Other Ways to Say BAD Substandard, poor, inferior, second-rate, second-class, inadequate, unacceptable, faulty, shoddy, crummy, bum, deficient, lousy, defective, careless and etc… Follow the list for synonyms of Bad in english;

English Bad Habits

English Bad Habits [1] Chewing your nails [2] Spitting [3] Tapping your fingers/feet [4] Forgetting things

Detailed Synonym Word List

Detailed Synonym Word List Happy, sad, nice, good, bad, pretty, scared, angry, difficult, shocked, interesting, useful, big, small.

Other Ways to Say “Nice”, “Good”, “Bad”, “Sad”, “Happy”, “Laughed”, “Like”, “Said”, “Big”, “Little”, “Ran”, “Walked”, “Pretty”, “Looked”, “Scared”

Other Ways to Say “Nice”, “Good”, “Bad”, “Sad”, “Happy”, “Laughed”, “Like”, “Said”, “Big”, “Little”, “Ran”, “Walked”, “Pretty”, “Looked”, “Scared”;