Modal Verbs – Types and Uses

Modal Verbs – Types and Uses Ability, permisson, advice, obligation, possibility. Can, could, may, should, would, might, may and etc… Follow the list;

Modal Verbs – Should

Modal Verbs – Should Advice (present – past), obligation, probability/expectation(present – past). Follow the list for example sentences about modals;

Modal Verbs – Advice and Probability

Modal Verbs – Advice and Probability Advice; should, ought to and had better. Probability; Positive; must, might, may, could. Negative; can’t, must not, might not, may not. Follow the detailed expression;

English Medical Advice Vocabulary

English Medical Advice Vocabulary Rest in bed, drink fluids, gargle, go on a diet, exercise, take vitamins, see a specialist, get acupuncture, heating pad, blood test, surgery, braces and etc.. Follow the list for visual expressions;