Modifying Comparatives & Superlatives

Modifying Comparatives & Superlatives

much, far, a lot, rather, a little, a bit, slightly, even, any, yet, no + comparative adjective (Examples)

  •  She is much older than her husband. (NOT She is very older than her husband.)
  •  She is far more dependable than her brother.
  • I’m a whole lot happier now.
  • She is a lot less careful than her sister.
  • She would have finished that job rather more quickly.
  • Their attitude was a little less enthusiastic.
  • Her performance was even worse than her co-star’s.
  • Is he any better?
  • She looks no older than her daughter.

When ‘more’ modifies a plural noun, it is modified by ‘many’.

  • There are many more opportunities available to students in the UK than in Greece.

Modifying Superlatives

much, by far, quite, almost, practically, nearly, easily + superlative adjective

  • She is much the most intelligent of them all.
  • She is by far the oldest in the firm.
  • She’s quite the most amazing person I’ve ever met.
  • This is easily the worst filth. I’ve seen in a long time.