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How to Speak English Fluently

  How to Speak English Fluently Many have said that the English language is one of the hardest to learn. However, with the right training, learning English as a second language can be a fun and positive experience. In this article you will better understand how to tackle the English language and how to speak

IELTS Tips – Choose A Realistic & Achievable Goal

IELTS Tips – Choose A Realistic & Achievable Goal You should target for a score which you require and achievable. Be realistic to achieve a reasonable band score in each module as well as overall score. Find your strength and weaknesses and work accordingly.

IELTS Tips – Follow A regular Study Plan

IELTS Tips – Follow A regular Study Plan Set aside the maximum number of hours you can spare each day to practice English for all four Sub-tests. Do not concentrate only on your weakest areas. Be regular in your practice, and give yourself a rest between tasks. Take at least one day out of your

IELTS Tips – Increase Your Sentence Reading Speed

Increase Your Sentence Reading Speed – IELTS Study; The faster and more accurately you read, the more questions you will be able to answer. In all the tests, the instructions, the example, and the questions themselves need to be read quickly, and must be well understood in order for you to have more time to

20 Tips for IELTS Success

IELTS Listening Tips….. 1 In Listening, use the example at the beginning of the first section to familiarize yourself with the sound, the situation, and the speakers.

Ielts Secrets – 2

Secret Key #2 – Guessing is not guesswork. You probably know that guessing is a good idea on the IELTS- unlike other standardized tests, there is no penalty for getting a wrong answer.  Even if you have no idea about a question, you still have a 20-25% chance of getting it right.

IELTS Secrets – 1

Secret Key #1 – Time is your greatest enemy. To succeed on the IELTS, you must use your time wisely.  Many students do not finish at least one module. The table below shows the time challenge you are faced with:

10 Abbreviations You Should Know (Video)

RSVP? ASAP? Etc.? What do these letters mean? In this vocabulary lesson, I will explain and give examples of ten common abbreviations, such as RIP, BYOB, and PIN. I will also teach the difference between i.e., e.g., and etc.. Watch this video ASAP to find out more!;

Common English Grammar Errors with Plurals (Video)

In this lesson, you will learn an easy way to avoid subject-verb errors. You will also learn three categories of nouns: irregular,single, and plural. Watch this lesson to improve your English dramatically in just a few minutes.

Express Opposing Ideas in English: “despite”, “although”, “nevertheless”, “in spite of” (Video)

Want to know a simple trick that will help you sound more academic in your speaking? Express Opposing Ideas in English: “despite”, “although”, “nevertheless”, “in spite of”;